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Our Current Needs

We are excited about all God is doing in the preparation period leading up to October 3, 2021. We have been so blessed by all the volunteers who are partnering with us and the resources being donated to help bring Unified to fruition. As we move closer to the event, we have a number of needs we still hope to fill. Would you graciously consider contributing one of the below resources (simply e-mail our Event Coordinator to do so) or donating at the below GoFundMe link so we are able to engage our contractors? Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you to see Christ-centered racial healing come to our city!


  • **Venue Fees (grounds staff, permit, labor fee, other misc. fees: $2,170

  • **Security - $2,200

  • **Audio Equipment Rental: (Large outdoor sound system: console, system/band & choir inputs, house speakers, towers, monitor speaker, etc.) - $4,075 (This is being provided by a local church) 

  • **Staging Equipment Rental (portable baptismal, cords, wiring, 12 in-ear monitors w/ Avioms or the like): $1,500

  • Backing tracks, charts, Planning Center access, etc.: $500

  • Audio Tech: $1500

  • Band (music director, keys 1, aux keys, bassist, 2 electric, drums, choir director - 13 total vocal rehearsals/4 band rehearsals & prep leading up to event): $6,000

  • Advertising: $1,200

  • Spoken Word, Dance Company, art director, and other personnel: $2,500

  • *Logo Design: $400

  • *Web Design/ticketing functionality/regular updates (discounted 60%): $1000

  • 2 event videographers (shoot/edit event footage): $700

  • Event streaming team (discounted 50%): $500

  • Event volunteer t-shirts and appreciation dinner: $700

  • *GoFundMe video shoot/editing (discounted): $55

Total Cost for the Unified Event - $25,000


Please prayerfully consider investing an amount that works for you and we'll keep you posted with event updates along the way.

Thank you and we hope to worship God with you and see Him bring about His breakthrough for Columbus on October 3 and beyond!

*Contractor has completed or is in the process of completing work.

**Statehouse requires approved contractors provide these services; funding needed to utilized their contractors.

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